• Team Building Specialist

    For nearly 20 years, Corinne has led efforts to build exceptional teams and develop optimum corporate environments.

    About Corinne
  • Executive Recruitment

    Whether hiring a single employee or doubling the size of a team, a creative networking model is the best way to recruit key talent.

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  • Team Retention

    Ensure job satisfaction is at its highest.

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  • 360 Executive Assessment

    Corinne specializes in the in-depth 360 process for executives and overall company performance.

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  • Professional Coaching and Development

    When individuals are given a structured opportunity to enhance personal growth and development, productivity and job satisfaction improve significantly.

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Build your team and develop talent.

Building your team and developing talent is the biggest investment opportunity your company will have.  Without precise strategy and execution, the risk of creating a disjointed team with less than ideal employees can be a critical mistake.

Corinne specializes in customized and measurable team building strategies that will allow your company to thrive.

Executive Recruitment

A creative networking model is the best way to recruit talent.

Team Retention Strategies

Developing a world class culture doesn't happen by accident.

360 Executive Assessment

In-depth review of executives & company performance.

Professional Coaching

A company is only as strong as its team members.

“Deeply satisfied employee…deeply satisfied customer…life long profit.”

James Heskett, Harvard Business School