“Deeply satisfied employee…deeply satisfied customer…life long profit.”

James Heskett, Harvard Business School

Abbott Vascular, Inc.

Ardian Labs (Medtronic, Inc.)

Auxogyn, Inc.

Avidia, Inc.

Bacchas Vascular, Inc.

Baxano, Inc.

Biomet, Inc.

Biosensors International

Boston Scientific, Inc.

Breakout Labs

Cabochon Aesthetics, Inc.

Calla Health

CardioDx, Inc.

Clearflow, Inc.

Consano Medical

Cotera, Inc.

Cytovale, Inc.

Cytyc Surgical Products

EBR Systems, Inc.

Emphasys Medical, Inc.

ForSight Labs, LLC

Foxhollow, Inc.

Genentech, Inc.

Guidant Corporation

Lumend, Inc.

Miramar Labs, Inc.

Nevro Corp.

Pacific Brain and Spine

Paracor Medical, Inc.

Relievant Medsystems, Inc.

Restoration Robotics, Inc.

Set Point Medical

Sierra, Inc.

Solta Medical, Inc.

Spirox, Inc.

Stanford University

Surgrx, Inc.

Tendyne Medical, Inc.

The Fogarty Institute for Innovation

The Foundry, Inc.

Transcend Medical, Inc.

Xtent, Inc.

…and others.