Executive Recruitment

Individualized Recruitment Strategy
Whether hiring a single employee or doubling the size of a team, a creative networking model is the best way to recruit key talent. Corinne has led recruitment efforts for many large and small organizations. Her team building results are well documented and ensure the highest quality hires.

Expansion Initiatives
When preparing for commercialization or building new markets, impeccable planning and execution of expansion initiatives is critical. Corinne works with executive teams to create winning strategies to meet and exceed important corporate hiring goals. Each customized expansion plan is results-driven with built in metrics to ensure continuous evaluation of processes.

Team Retention

Culture Development
Developing a world class culture doesn’t happen by accident. It takes dedication and commitment by every team member. No company can afford to lose a talented employee because of a weak and ineffective culture. Corinne dives deep to understand the important elements of an ideal environment, according to team members, and for the company’s success. She works with all levels of the organization to ensure that job satisfaction is at its highest and productivity is consistently exceeding goals.

360 Executive Assessment

Individual and Company Assessment
Corinne specializes in the in-depth 360 process for executives and overall company performance. She works closely with the Executive Team and Board of Directors in order to produce a robust editorial view of the current state of affairs. Corinne has worked with private and publicly held companies to ensure that customized focus areas are carefully crafted and assessed.

Professional Coaching and Development

Individual and Group Coaching
Each company is only as strong as its team members. When individuals are given a structured opportunity to enhance personal growth and development, productivity and job satisfaction improve significantly. With more than 25 years of executive coaching experience, Corinne has guided many professionals, even those who have had unsuccessful coaching experiences in the past. She works with individuals in her private practice, and has engaged with many corporate teams.