“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

Michael Jordan

Hanson S. Gifford, III

President & CEO / The Foundry, LLC

“Corinne is a valuable resource for the Foundry and their portfolio companies. She is intelligent, thoughtful, and empathetic, and she is uniquely skillful in identifying and addressing critical team building opportunities. She acts in the best interest of all involved, while working to meet the company’s goals in a timely manner. Many of our ideal recruitment matches might not have happened without Corinne’s direction in strategy and negotiations. In this economic environment, all companies must be creative in order to hire and retain key talent. Corinne’s unique approach proves to be successful and cost effective. We love working with Corinne, and we look forward to continuing our professional relationship.”

K. Angela Macfarlane

President & CEO / ForSight Labs

“Our organization values the candidate selection process as one of the most important business decisions we can engage in; this is why we invested in Corinne. Corinne connected with our culture, has assisted us in guiding our processes and is instrumental to our follow through. Corinne’s presence on the team has made communicating our culture and hiring goals much more effective both internally and to potential candidates. She has a talent to make our organization stronger, and she has become a trusted resource for ForSight and our candidates. She’s honest about her thoughts, isn’t afraid to address difficult subject matter, and is very constructive in her feedback which is positively received because of her approach. Corinne is an organizational muse. She was quick to integrate with our team and she knows our culture well. Other companies interested in building and retaining an effective organization, would be well served to invest in Corinne and her experience in applying the critical elements of building the most effective team.”

Jamey Jacobs

Divisional Vice President & General Manager / Coronary Franchise Abbott Vascular

“Corinne Landphere has an exceptional ability to identify organizational opportunities. She is intuitive and has incisive observational skills which she uses to clearly define the missing pieces of the puzzle. She also has a very broad network of relationships which she uses to fill in these critical pieces and optimize organizational structures and strategies. She is equally capable working with hard-driving CEOs and entry level staff. I have enjoyed working with Corinne for many years. She is consistently exceptional and has graceful, dependable follow through.”

Darrell Zoromski

President and CEO / Miramar Labs

“I’ve worked with Corinne on several critical projects over the past year at Miramar Labs, and she has delivered outstanding results each time. I value her ability to find world class talent that not only possess the right skill set (IQ), but also have the right cultural fit (EQ). Importantly, she doesn’t simply drop a candidate on your doorstep, but rather provides comprehensive support through each stage of candidate selection, from creating a pool of viable choices through offer acceptance. I also highly recommend Corinne for performance coaching. She has a unique ability to get to win-win outcomes, regardless of the challenge she is presented with. As the leader of a medical device start up, I carefully weigh where we spend our limited resources. In the case of Corinne, she has provided a significant ROI to Miramar Labs. I look forward to working with Corinne again, and cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Donna Collins

V.P. Global Marketing and Sales / Elixir Medical

“Corinne has developed a process that customizes solutions to match the individual organization’s specific needs. Her experience in various staged companies, affords her a unique perspective to diagnose developmental areas, propose remedies and measure outcomes. What I appreciate most is that this is not a “management program du jour”. Most companies are faced with urgent needs that directly impact revenue or profitability metrics. Corinne’s methodology helps to cultivate behaviors and skill sets needed to move the needle in the short term.”

Bernie Shay

General Counsel / Miramar Labs

“I met Corinne as I was contemplating a move from Big Pharma to a startup. She was instrumental in assisting me with that transition and provided invaluable advice and counsel. I really appreciated her insightful guidance and advice, which made my transition both smooth and enjoyable.”

Ken Beres

Executive Vice President / BaroSense Inc.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Corinne for many years. Her value in an organization is her innate ability to quickly see both obvious and subtle opportunities in early stage businesses and markets. She clearly outlines strategic options for an organization and puts together implementation plans for targeted options. She has a knack for bringing together key stakeholders in organizations and arriving at consensus quickly so that the goals of projects can be pursued without the usual protracted period of negotiation. With Corinne’s network of industry insiders she can bring outside expertise and relevant experience to bear on many diverse projects. She also understands and is quite adept in building corporate culture from the early stage start up to the late stage commercial company. I would highly recommend Corinne Landphere for a project engagement.”